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C3 Global

"The world needs the Church like never before, and we need each other!" - Ed Young

For over thirty years...

Ed & Lisa Young, the founding and senior pastors of Fellowship Church and C3 Global, have been committed to leading the local church to lead others to experience life-change through Jesus Christ. Out of this heartbeat, Ed & Lisa started C3 Conference and C3 Global for pastors and leaders to elevate their effectiveness, expand their capacity, and grow the local church.

C3 Global exists to take this mission and vision to pastors and church leaders across this country, and around the globe.

Ed & Lisa Young Speaking Together
A group of people at C3 Conference

We believe...

  • A creative culture committed to Christ, and effectively led, will advance the mission of the church.

  • Our purpose is to create a diverse community of leaders with a common focus to advance the mission of the church.

  • We are generating a movement committed to developing a Christ-honoring, creative culture that is embraced in churches across the country and around the world.

Together, we will...

Accomplish this through candid conversations about the issues the church must address, and creatively collaborating on our ideas, experiences, resources, and expertise at roundtables, in web events, in conferences, and through personal conversations.

Pastor Ed Young interacting with people.
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Through C3 Global...

And our strategic partnerships with Convoy of Hope & Hunger Relief International our member churches are providing outreach and support to those in need, both here in the United States and around the world.

C3 Global is committed to helping churches extend their reach beyond their local communities. We do this by providing resources, training, and support so they can effectively engage in relief efforts domestically and internationally.

A message from
Ed & Lisa Young

Ministry is the greatest calling anyone can have! It’s a guaranteed courtside seat to the power and beauty of life-change. But the reality is that ministry is also brutal. The challenges, obstacles, betrayal, and opposition can, at times, seem overwhelming.

To drill it down to one word, ministry is BRUTIFUL!

The great news is that none of us are alone! You are not alone. In fact, YOU are the reason C3 Global is here!

C3 Global was created so we can come together and unite as the Church, share ideas, support each other, and push each other to fully fulfill the vision God has given us to reach our communities. The truth about it is, we can do more together than we can do alone.Together, we are the local church.

Together, we are C3 Global!

Ed & Lisa Young Signature
Pastor Ed & Lisa Young