A Relational Network Growing The Church And Sharing Jesus With The World.

Connections & Relationships

Connect with others to crash through quitting points and grow a healthy church and family.

Whatever You’re Going Through We Are With You

Equipping to Lead A Healthy Family and Church

Who You Call When You Don’t Know Who to Call

Pastor Ed Young connecting with people.
Large group of attendees at C3 Conference.

& Rallies

C3 Conference is a two-day event for world changers challenging each other to do whatever it takes to reach our world with the hope of Jesus. We also do regional rallies and one day conferences to build up local church leaders throughout the year.

Build Community

Inspire Creativity

Collaborate with other Church leaders

& Resources

Asking the right people, the right questions to get the right answers to grow our churches and transform lives.

Messages and Creative Service Planning

Legal and Church Governance Counseling

Effective Kids and Youth Resources and Tools

Pastor Ed Young speaking at C3 Global roundtable.
Pastor Lisa Young praying with children at orphanage in Haiti.

Commitment To Reaching Souls

We are strategically advancing local churches, responding to disasters and helping vulnerable children with the ultimate goal of winning souls.

Strategic Church Planting in Unchurched Cities

Sharing Christ through Disaster Relief

Reaching the Nations Through Helping Vulnerable Children

Let's get started.

We believe you are one phone call, coffee, webinar or roundtable away from your next significant advancement.