A Relational Network
Building The Church


We believe ministry is meant to be done together.

“Our church wouldn’t exist without Pastor Ed Young and C3 global. C3 Global has given us the courage to think about church differently and to celebrate our uniqueness!”

Donte and Tabitha Banks
GodChasers Community Church

Relational Support

No one advances alone. We are in this together.


Like-minded leaders experiencing excellence and learning to elevate and challenge each other in every area of leadership.


Equipping pastors to lead their families while leading their church.


Consult leaders before you consult a consultant.

“C3 Global has equipped us for the hard work and unique challenges of leadership in a fast-growing church environment. Our C3 Global Family has been a constant source of wisdom and encouragement when we need it most!”

Zak and Amber White
Revolution Church


Candid conversations about ideas, experiences, resources, and issues the church must address.


Rub shoulders with other leaders for a time of leadership training in an intimate setting.


Personal coaching and consulting on the ins and outs of successfully growing a thriving church.


Resourcing you with relevant and creative content.

“Fifteen years ago, I was inspired to plant a church because I saw, through C3, that ministry could be new and exciting! Since then we have seen God move; our church has grown into multiple campuses all over the country and we’ve seen thousands of lives changed!”

Shawn Johnson
Red Rocks Church

Downloadable Resources

A full catalogue of messages, transcripts, and media.

Exclusive Content

An exclusive on-demand platform to get the latest, unreleased material and resources.

Creative Collaboration

Gain inspiration, new ideas and strategies.


Being the hands and feet of Jesus through local and international missions.

“We became a part of C3 Global in the beginning stages of planting our church. It was a decision that helped to propel us forward in ministry. C3 has given us the handles needed to lead strong from the front lines.”

Tim and Linda Seidler
The Experience Church

Disaster Relief

First to respond to disasters at home and around the world.

Feeding Children

Feeding children nutritious meals that open doors to provide them and their families with education, clean water, jobs and agricultural training, a sense of hope, and much more.


Providing Nutrition, Education, Sanitation and Transformation to orphans in Haiti and Guatemala.